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Mate that is so true!

I was laughing so hard. It is so true!

I thought just where I live, had these problems, I guess it's all over the world!

...... Disappointing.

That wasn't one bit funny.

I'm starting to think, You have some serious social issues. By the looks of this video you should seriously re-consider what you post on new grounds.

(But then again; Newgrounds, everything, by everyone. So I guess the crap stuff does have a place here)

Starogre responds:

yeah 5 years ago when i was 15 i didn't care!

and i still don't





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Every single time I try and jump over an obstacle, my fatigue goes down straight to nothing then I trip up.

What is this?

Really fun game, I love it.

I was only 1460 points from being in the top 3 scores > . <

I must try harder next time I play.

It's great, but too easy.

I only needed one attempt to get all three stars on each level. It was easy. I liked the game graphically and the idea behind the game was great! Although easy, due to previous comments before mine, it sounds hard to most people. I guess I'm just having a good day with games. xD. Nah mate. Good game, well made. I'd like to see another version with some super challenging bonus levels. It would be great!

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Mate, only thing wrong is it's not long enough.

But this is actually really good! I don't know much on how to make songs and stuff, so I can't give much for constructive criticism other than make it longer~

Please keep up this epic work!


Very very well done. The amount of time you guys must have put into this must have been huge.

Pure talent here.

No flaws.


I like this song

It makes me smile, I dunno why, It's the nice sound it has to it I guess. But it's exactly what I needed, you're song is bound to make the saddest person smile.

great work :3

Waterflame responds:

Awww, thats nice of you! im really glad it brings out those kind of feelings :]
Thank you :D

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Dude you are way to good at drawing

Look at the amount of detail you've got in this picture! It's insane.
I really am inspired by your art. I feel like drawing when I see your pictures.

I think you should make your own comic series or something, you defiantly have the skill to go very far with it.

Oh god!

I'd hate to be facing that thing in real or on a game, It looks like it could just tear apart anything!

Really good drawing dude!

Zero-drk responds:

yeah i know the really cool part that nonekwns about it is when i was ki.......O.o OMFG!!! patrick is right behind you!!!

nice work mate

To bad we don't still use swords in war, You could make a lot of money been a blacksmith, You certainly look like you have the skills to be a good one, Nice job

DarkSword responds:

Thanks.. : )

Hey, I'm Patrick, I love my athletics, And games, ever see someone with the gamertag "chickenherder" It's me, (I sometimes use a name with the word "jaba" in it, like Jaba_the_Fail, Jabamonkey, and so on. So yeah, Talk to me :)

Patrick @chickenherder

24, Male

Not telling ;3


New Zealand

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